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Here are some of the latest additions to our site--this section is updated frequently. There are many new items that do not show up in this section, however, so be sure to check the individual categories as well. Please click on any of the images below to view a larger image along with more information, prices and links to gallery pages for more art in each category.

Check out our Steve's Insider Info blog through the link above.

Monthly, Steve will give an insider's insight into a topic of interest to collectors of Antique American Indian art.

Lomay, Lewis (hallmarked)--one of Lomay's typically wild and wonderful pieces, this one done in silver overlay and stamped with his early hallmark. Enjoy the double-curve...
Pueblo silver and turquoise pendant, c. 1930. Wonderfully elaborate and decorative. 2 1/8" long.
Zuni silver and turquoise pin by Dan Simplicio, c. 1940. Not signed, but has his trademark stamped silver balls. 1 1/2" x 2", weight 21 grams.
Navajo hoop and blossom earrings, c. 1890s. Originally found in an old desk at Fort Huachuca in Arizona. Contemporary hooks added. 3 1/4" long including hooks, weight 41...
Navajo stamped and repoussed buckle of very large size, c. 1940s. Dramatic, without a doubt. 4 1/2" X 3 3/4", takes up to a 3/4" leather, weight 89 grams.
Navajo ring with 3 turquoise, c. 1930s. Size 6 1/4 (can be sized), weight 4 grams.
Deyuse, Leekya--Navajo silver box with a turquoise frog carved by Leekya, c. 1940. As with most Leekya pieces, he carved the fetish and then it went to a Navajo smith who made...
Kee, George (hallmarked)--a very nicely filed silver bracelet, made while Kee was at the White Hogan in Scottsdale, c. 1960s. Inside size 5 1/2" with a 1" opening (can be...
Begaye, Marco (hallmarked)--this lovely silver and lapis pin/pendant is a gorgeous and versatile item that would look great as a pin and even better on a simple chain. 1 3/4" x...
Navajo stamped silver buckle, c. 1930s. A very nicely stamped piece. 2 5/8" x 1 7/8", takes up to a 1 1/2" leather, weight 30 grams.
Navajo silver and turquoise squash blossom necklace, c. 1950s. A very wearable squash blossom with an incredibly intricate 16-stone naja. Straight length 29", naja measures 1...
Navajo silver and turquoise ring, c. 1920. A nice early ring with a piece of Blue Gem turquoise in a sawtooth bezel. Size 10 1/2 (can be sized), weight 5 grams.
Lee, Clarence (hallmarked)--a wonderful silver bracelet with a full pickup truck that is in danger of losing its muffler, surrounded by running dogs. Inside size 5 3/4" with a 1...
Begaye, Marco (hallmarked)--this silver and turquoise pendant is elegant and intricate, with a design that perfectly complements the turquoise (possibly Candelaria). Comes on a...
Chee, Mark (hallmarked)--a very well stamped and repoussed silver buckle by the master. 3" x 2 1/2", takes up to a 1 3/4" leather. Weight 56 grams.
Navajo silver ring with 2 turquoise, c. 1920s. At first glance, this appears to be a cast ring, but it is actually not, which makes it very interesting. Size 6 3/4 (can be...
Navajo Guild (hallmarked)--a bold yet small-scale Guild buckle, made from thick filed and stamped silver. 2 1/4" x 1 3/4", takes up to a 3/4" leather, weight 45 grams.
Navajo silver and turquoise ring, c. 1930. Size 7 1/4 (can be sized).
Morgan, Mary (hallmarked)--silver buckle with Bisbee turquoise by one of the grande dames of Navajo silverwork. 2 5/8" x 1 13/16", takes up to a 3/4" leather.
Begaye, Marco (hallmarked)--amazing silver and turquoise ring, size 9 1/4 (can be sized). A masterpiece, little yet bold. Begaye left the back of the band undecorated, so it can...
Navajo silver and Persian turquoise ring, c. 1920. Size 9 1/2 (can be sized).
Navajo silver and turquoise ring, c. 1940. Size 7 1/4 (can be sized).
Navajo silver and turquoise ring, c. 1925-30. Size 7 (can be sized).
Navajo/Pueblo silver and turquoise ring, c. 1925. Size 5 1/2 (can be sized).
Zuni silver, turquoise, jet and abalone ring, c. 1940. Size 4 (can be sized). 1 inch in length.
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